Staff Reminders can be set up to automatically trigger messages before or after the expiry date of a staff document (such as a Police Check or Drivers Licences).

To configure a reminder navigate to Account menu on the left-hand-side. In the selection list under Account, choose Reminders. You'll see list of Reminders' previously created. If you want to update a reminder, click on edit

, or if you want add a new one click on the blue 'New Reminder' button below.

From the drop-down menu choose Staff for the Target.

In the number of days set a positive number for a reminder to be sent before the expiry date of the document in question.

Should you want a reminder to be sent after the expiry date of the invoice put a negative number in the Days box.

In the Content area write the message you want the invoice reminder recipient to receive.

There are a number of personalisation values you can add to the message, these include:

  • {name} - Name of the staff.
  • {category} - Category of document e.g. Police Check.
  • {days} - Number of days specified in the Reminder.
  • {account} - Name of account (i.e. the name at the top of the Account page, normally your company or organisation name).

Once you have created the Client Reminder click on the Save button

The reminders are sent via email daily, each morning.

Message examples

For your convenience below are some examples you might want to consider.

  • Upcoming expiry date reminder

To send a Client document expiry reminder 7 days before the the expiry date set the Days to: 7 (positive seven).

The message you might choose to send could be:

Hi {name},

Your {category} will expire in {days} days.



  • Expired reminder

To send a client document expiry reminder 30 days after the document expiry date has past set the Days to: -30 (minus thirty).

The message you might choose to send could be:

Hi {name},

Your {category} has expired by {days} days.



Removing a reminder

To remove an existing reminder that is no longer required, again navigate to the account settings page via the left-hand menu and click on the Edit button

. Now click Delete on next page.

Once the Account Settings edit page loads scroll down to the to Reminders section. Next to the reminder you want to delete there is a checkbox. Tick this box and click on the Save button will permanently remove the reminder.

Note! Documents do not have to have an expiry date.

If a document expiry date isn't applicable, tick the box under "No Expiration":

this will remove the option to add an expiry date:

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