Disable GPS Check

ShiftCare integrates realtime with Google Maps API to validate, autocomplete and auto-correct addresses.

If a correct address cannot be determined then Disable GPS Check will automatically be checked.

You might find when creating a shift the Disable GPS checkbox is ticked when creating or editing a shift, the cause of this is likely to be the address is not known by Google. Google may not know an address if it is in a new suburb for example or if the address is in a private estate.

There are instances where you might chose to disable the GPS check such as in areas of unreliably mobile phone signal or lack of wifi connectivity as this function relies on an internet connection.

Enable GPS for the mobile app

If Disable GPS Check is unticked, then clockin / clockout function in the mobile app relies on access to the phone's GPS information.

GPS settings must be turned on and enabled. Users with GPS turned off will be prompted to enable it when opening the ShiftCare app.

You can read more about the clockin / clockout function here.

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