In order to add Goals, go to client List page from left-hand side navigation. Select the client you want to add goals to. Now select Goals from client drop down section.

Goal Dropdown menu will open.

- List : All the added goals can be viewed by clicking on "List"

- New Goal : Click "New Goal" in order to add new goals

Clicking on the new goal will take you to the below page. Fill the name of the goal and details in description. Add Commenced date as well. Hit Save once done

Now One goal is added. You can view added goal on below page.

  • New Goal: You can click on in order to add new goals. You can add as many goals as you want.
  • Edit : Click on edit if you want to make changes in the Goal title, description or commencing date. You can also write Achieved and closed date as well (Ig goals are met or closed)
  • Show: Click on Show in order to add strategies.

Carer rate against strategy instead of goal. This is due to the fact that a given goal can have many strategies to achieve that goal. You can see carer rating from the rating column(as shown below). Coloured stars are the rating given by the carer for that particular strategy.

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