Using the ShiftCare app all notes recorded during the service can be reviewed and edited after being submitted.

Review Notes

To review notes made during the service, navigate to the progress tab. Here all progress notes will be listed on the notes overview page.

Edit Progress Notes

Whilst on the progress tabs page, progress notes can be edited. To edit notes select the progress note that is to be updated. Once the note has been selected you will be directed to the edit progress note page. At the top left of the page will be the note label (feedback, incident, injury etc). On the top right of the page is the edit icon.

Select the edit icon to begin updating the note.

Upload Images

Photos relevant to the note being recorded can be uploaded via the app. To upload a photo select the upload photo section in progress notes.

Once you have selected upload image, a dialogue box will appear with the following options:

Take Photo: selecting this will use your phone's camera to take an image

Choose from Library: Choose this option if you have already taken an image appropriate to the note during the service and wish to upload it later.

Once your image has been selected and the appropriate updates have been made to the service notes, click Save at the bottom of the page to ensure that all edits are applied.

The uploaded will be displayed on the notes overview page once edits and updates have been saved.

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