Invoices can be emailed out to the contact (client or billing contact such as the plan manager) by setting up a reminder.

The invoices will then be sent via email daily, each morning. The original invoice will be attached to the email message.

To configure this, navigate to your Reminders page via the Account menu on the left-hand sidebar menu.

Once your account details load, click on the "+ New Reminder" button at the bottom-right corner of the page.

From the drop-down menu choose the "Invoice Generated" option for the "Target" selection.

In the number of days set the number to 1 (one). This will tell the system to send the email the day after the invoice has been generated.

Note: it isn't possible to send the email with the invoice on the same day the invoice is created, only the following day.

Next copy in one of the message examples below or write your own message before hitting the save button.

Message examples

For your convenience below are some examples you might want to consider. 

ShiftCare will automatically insert the following sign-off at the end of the emails.


Sample message

Invoice issued

Hi {name}
Please note that an invoice has been issued and is due for payment. It is attached.

It is important that you make the payment on time to ensure we can continue to provide great services.

We appreciate your support and for choosing us.
Looking forward to your response.

Thanks and regards,

In the message templates, you can use fields to personalise the messages. These must include the curly brackets around the words {}.

All characters should be lowercase.

  • {name} - Name of the client or staff. (note: If invoice is being sent to additional contact, the additional contact's name will show)

  • {days} - Number of days specified in the Reminder.

  • {account} - Name of account (i.e. the name at the top of the Account settings page, normally your company or organisation name).

Once saved the message will be listed in the reminders:

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