You can easily email invoice via ShiftCare to client or their (billing) contact. In order to email an invoice, head over to an existing invoice and then click email button found below invoice details:

This will generate an Invoice event that invoice has been emailed to client or their contact.

Invoice To

Invoice To depends upon email address on record of client or contact you have chosen to be in the invoice to field.

👉🏽 Invoice can only be emailed to contact in the Invoice To details.

If you wish to change who receives the invoice email, first change email of client or contact and then Edit the invoice to update To field.

Invoice Reply To

Invoice Reply To email is always the logged in user's email.

Check if invoice has been emailed to client?

Via Invoice status

If you are emailing invoice to clients via ShiftCare, then checking email status is easy. Head over to Invoice list view and then invoices emailed can be seen via ✉️ symbol within the list.

You can also check invoice status within each invoice. Scroll down to see invoice events:

Via client communication

Communications (SMS and emails) to Clients are all logged, including invoices sent to them.

To access the list of messages/communications, in the left-hand-menu click on Clients > List then choose the Client you're interested in.

Clicking on their name will show you their details and in the left-hand-menu will display a sub-menu in which you'll see "Communication".

If an invoice has been sent to that Client you will see a red circle with a $ symbol in it. You will see the date sent plus the invoice number.

To cross reference invoice numbers I recommend having another tab open with the Invoices listed.

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