When a shift is cancelled the assigned carer wont receive payment for that particular shift. If the client has a late cancellation for example, then you can mark the shift as client absent to allow the carer to receive payment as normal.

Cancel a shift because client absent 

Navigate to scheduler view, find the shift in question and click the shift to view its details. A quick way to locate the shift would be to search for the carer in the search box.

When viewing the shift's details click More actions then click Cancel.

Notice the cancel shift screen has the option to either cancel or absent. Click Absent and click the check box "Absent" next to the client that cancelled. The Notify Staff check box will also let the carer know of the cancellation. 

Click Confirm. The shift is now cancelled due to client absent. 

If you wish to abandon the cancellation, click Never Mind to go back to detail view.

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