This article covers how to send timesheet information from ShiftCare to Xero to run payroll.

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Syncing ShiftCare timesheets to Xero

The first step is to navigate to the timesheet report which is accessible via the menu Report > Timesheet

Pay Run Period

On the Timesheet Report, select the Start Date and End Date of your pay run you want to generate in the report and click Apply.

Note: This must align with pay calendar within Xero otherwise Xero will reject the timesheet. Read more here about setting up pay run calendar in Xero.

You are able to send the timesheet information to Xero by clicking on the sync icon next to the worker's name. This will create a draft timesheet in Xero for the person.

Alternatively, if all of the staff listed in ShiftCare are also employees in Xero you can sync everyone at once.

At the bottom of the page, clicking the download button will provide the option to sync all timesheets at once.

Provide permission for ShiftCare and Xero to sync

When you click sync, it will likely redirect you to the Xero website. Xero will ask you to confirm which organisation you desire to allow ShiftCare access, select the correct company and it will usually allow access for 30mins. Now you should be redirected back to ShiftCare and click sync again.


Not seeing Xero as an option? This may be because you have another payroll system selected, please see Selecting or changing your payroll software.

Additional troubleshooting is provided in the article: Troubleshooting timesheet sync with Xero.

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