You will see this message when the price selected for the shift doesn't have a line item in the price covering the shift time.

There are a number of causes of this, these are:

Price is missing a rate for the shift time

This might be as simple as the shift being on a weekend and in the price there isn't a line in the price to tell the system what rate to charge the shift at. For example, this shift is using the Personal Care price is scheduled on a Saturday.

The Personal Care price is missing a rate for Saturdays. Below is editing the existing price, copying a line and setting a rate for the day of the week.

The time of the shift is not covered by the shift time

Another common situation is that the shift time runs past the times of day covered by the price. For example, the price covers 7am - 6pm, however, the shift ends at 8pm.

To fix this, extend the time of the price to cover the shift or add a new line item to the price which covers the shift time.

Shift uses a ratio not covered by the price

In this situation, a ratio has been applied to the shift which doesn't exist in the price.

To resolve this you can adjust the ratio in the shift or add a rate for the ratio in the price.

Effective Date is after the shift date

In this situation, the effective date of the price isn't before the date of the shift. Setting the effective date before the shift date will resolve the error.

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