A common scenario is for shifts to span a number of pay group boundaries, for example from base ordinary hours into evening rate.

To charge clients different rates in the same shift, you can use the split feature in advanced edit mode. The split doesn't impact the rates the staff member is paid.

For the staff member's pay, you can use allowances which are set to "Override hours" to total the active time of the shift.

In the example where you have a shift that runs 3pm-10pm, across the pay boundaries of ordinary earnings (6am-8pm) and evening rate (8pm-10pm), using pay groups to determine the rate, ShiftCare will pay at the rate at the end time of the shift for the total length of the shift. In this case

Create allowances to override the pay groups

In the scenario above if you wanted to break-up the shift time to pay 7 hours ordinary base rate for 3-8pm and 2 hours evening rate for 8pm-10pm you can create 2 shifts.

Alternatively, you can use allowances to override the pay groups. Attaching these allowances to the shift will report the hours set by the allowance to the payroll system instead of the hours determined by the pay groups.

For longer shifts, the values might be different.

  • 7am-8pm (11 hours), Active base rate allowance

  • 8pm-11pm (3 hours), Active evening allowance

  • 11pm to 7am (fixed rate), Sleepover allowance

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