As Activity-Based Transport is a notional charge (you negotiate pricing with the client), you will need to add invoiced amounts as an expense in ShiftCare.

Notional pricing is not available for download in ShiftCare Price Books, so you will need to create a custom price. Ensure you know the correct NDIS item number for your activity based transport before proceeding.

The steps below will guide you through the process.

Create a new Price Book

Go to your Prices and click on the blue 'Actions' button and select 'Add Price Book'...

Choose a name for your Price Book. Below, we'll use 'Activity Based Transport'. If you use external IDs, enter the number here. MYOB users should enter their MYOB billing account number i.e. 4-1000.

Enter the reference number for activity based transport in the 'Reference Number (Hour)' field with the rate of $1 per hour. We won't be using this price book for hourly billing, so the per hour rate is irrelevant. Enter the item code for Km. This is usually the item code in the format of xx_799_xxxx_x_x. Finally, add the per km rate of 0.85.

Once complete, press the copy button on the far right and duplicate the pricing three times. Finally, change the 'Day of week' drop downs on the left so you cover all weekdays, weekends and public holidays as shown below:

Save the price book. Activity Based Transport is now set up and ready for billing.

Invoicing for Activity Based Transport

Now that you have your price book setup, let's say you need to charge a client $58.50 for activity based transport.

Go to the Client view in the scheduler, and click on the 3 dots next to the client's name, then click 'Add expense'

In the Client Expense window, complete the expense description and amount, and be sure to select the Price Book for Activity Based Transport. Select a Carer - please note that this is a zero hour shift - no hours will be associated with the expense claim, and no hours will be sent to the carer's timesheet.

Press save. The expense will appear in the scheduler as a client expense. Also, note the shift time is 9am-9am, so effectively there is no time cost associated with this shift.

Finally, in the billing report, you can see the expense is marked with a green dollar icon, there are no hours are associated with the shift. The expense has been entered as an additional cost and will be clearly marked as Activity Based Transport on your client invoicing.

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