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Exporting invoices from ShiftCare

To export invoices to QuickBooks, navigate to the invoice list page in ShiftCare.

At the bottom right of the page are three icons. Click on the second (middle) icon.

This will bring up a drop-down menu with a selection of files to export the invoices into. Select QuickBooks.

This will then gather the invoice details into a file which can be downloaded from ShiftCare. The csv file can then be used to bulk upload all of the invoice details into your QuickBooks account.

Uploading the invoice file into Quickbooks

Importing the invoices you have created in ShiftCare to your QuickBooks account can be done by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings ⚙ and select Import data.

  2. Select Invoices.

  3. (Optional) Under the Browse button, you can select the checkboxes to add new customers, products, and services that don't already exist in QuickBooks.

  4. Select Browse and then find and select the spreadsheet of your invoices.

  5. Select Next.

👀 Please note Quickbooks has a maximum of 100 invoices that can be loaded at a time and 1,000 row limit per spreadsheet.

Mapping the fields from the file

We recommend not opening the file you download from ShiftCare in Excel as this can cause the date format to change.

When matching the file headings, you can Select whether the amounts are exclusive or inclusive of tax.

👀 Look out when matching the Item Amount - this is Exclusive of tax.

Final checks

After you map the fields, review the summary of your import. If everything looks good, select Start import.

Once complete:

  • Select OK if all your invoices are imported.

  • If some invoices fail to import, note why, then select Done.

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