If you have elected to use Timesheet Report v2 in ShiftCare and you use Xero for your payroll, you can bulk sync your timesheets into Xero.

To sync everyone on the timesheet, at the end of the page, click on the sync icon and select either "All Hours" or "Approved timesheets only".

Sometimes not all staff timesheets in the report can be synced. This is typically because the staff member has not been set up in Xero or there is an issue with their timesheet mapping into Xero (see our Troubleshoot timesheet sync with Xero guide for help).

If there are timesheets on the report that can't be synced, ShiftCare will still sync all the other timesheets that can be synced. The individual timesheets that fail will be highlighted in red and an error message displayed at the top of the browser window.

You can now fix the timesheets for the staff or their Xero set up as per our troubleshooting guide (unless the individual is purposefully not set up in Xero).

Once you are happy with the individual timesheets that originally failed, you can simply bulk sync again. ShiftCare will skip the individual timesheets that have already synced and only sync those that did not sync previously. For clarity, a bell icon will be displayed next to the name of any individual who already has a timesheet synced for the chosen period of time, so that you can see which timesheets were skipped during the sync.

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