If you cancel a shift using the "Cancelled by client" option, the shift will still be billed to the client and will appear on their invoice.

You may want to make it clear on your invoices which line items relate to shifts that have been cancelled but still need to be billed to the client.

ShiftCare allows you label cancelled shifts on invoices with an asterisk that links to a customised label, that has wording of your choice:

This can be configured in your Account Settings. By default the option to highlight cancelled shifts will be off. So you will need to turn this option 'on' if you wish to highlight line items relating to cancelled shifts.

To do this, in your Account Settings, under the Invoices section, click Edit and switch on the 'Cancelled by client label' option.

Once you do this, there will be the option to customise the wording of the cancellation label on the invoice.

⚠️ Note: if you turn this option on, it is not possible to turn off the labelling or customise the wording of the label at the individual invoice level, the label will be the same for all invoices.

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