Note: This article refers to a deprecated version of the app, please see article: Cancel shift due to client absent, for information relating to the new look scheduler.

The Attendance button provides a number of quick edit features to a Shift. When clicking on a Shift within an Area the details of the Shift will be displayed. In the bottom right-hand-corner are a row of buttons, Attendance is the first button.

Following items can be edited:

  • Description can be edited should new information becomes available.

  • Marking a Client as Absent.

  • Removing client.

  • Removing staff.

  • Changing staff and client's time.

Adding Staff to a Shift

  • Adding a Staff member to a Shift also adds the Shift to the list of Shifts that Staff member has worked.

  • Please note you cannot add a Staff member who is already booked on another Shift or if they are unavailable i.e. they have a scheduled non-work day or are on leave.

  • If you wanted to add a Staff member to a Shift who was already on another Shift, first edit the other Shift either removing them all together or changing their attendance so they are free to be added to this Shift.

Notify Staff, once the Submit button is clicked, checking this box will send an email and App notification to the staff.

The Submit button saves any changes you have made, you'll find it in the bottom right-hand-corner. If you change your mind there's the Cancel button in the bottom left-hand-corner.

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