Note: This article refers to a deprecated version of the app, please see article: Cancel shift due to client absent, for information relating to the new look scheduler.


For a fast and efficient method of adjusting client attendance for a specific shifts use the Attendance feature. This feature allows you to adjust client (and carer) attendance times for a specific shift/s without the need to edit all re-occuring shifts and thus not affecting all other shifts.

Adjust Client Attendance

Select to the one shift from reoccuriung shifts you wish to adjust the client attendance time. The following view should be displayed:

From the page above select the Attendance option.

This will open the client (and staff) adjustment feature. From here adjust the start and end times for the client using the arrows located within the time adjustment feature.

Once times have been allocated, select Submit at the bottom right of the dialogue box to ensure all changes are applied.

The times allocated will only apply to the selected shift.

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