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Set up your ShiftCare profile on the Website
Set up your ShiftCare profile on the Website

A Guide for Office User or Carer on how to set up their ShiftCare profile on ShiftCare Website

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This article covers a guide on how to edit your own profile as a Office User or Carer on the ShiftCare website. For how to create new carer or staff see this Help Desk Article.

Edit & Update

In order to update or edit your profile, you must be logged in then click on your name located at top right of the page. Then click Profile.

You now can see the staff page below, here you can also change password. Now click Edit Profile.

This is the Edit Profile page, you can edit: Name; Date of Birth; Phone; Area; Notification Settings; Profile Photo. You should see something like the following image.

  • Name: Here you can edit your name, which most likely will have been pre-filled.

  • Dob: Date of Birth.

  • Phone: Enter your mobile number or office number here.

  • Area: This is where a staff member can subscribe to one or more area, this means they will receive notifications relating to clockin/out, incident report, feedback.

  • Notification Settings: Here you can decide to receive notifications about attendance approval or not.

  • Profile Photo: Upload a photo of yourself or an avatar so that your team can easily identify you.

Make sure you click Save once you've finished editing to keep the changes.

If at some point you desire to cancel the changes made click Cancel.

Congratulations you have set up your personal profile and a ready to start using ShiftCare.

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