When editing an entire program with verified staff or invoiced shifts the following message will appear:

Validation failed: Program period contains invoiced or cancelled or locked shifts. Change program period to update editable parts of program.

Message Breakdown:

In order to edit shifts in a program where there are invoiced, locked or cancelled shifts you will need to:

  • Select a date range for the shifts to be edited

  • Edit individual shifts: Some shifts may need to be edited individually as not all shifts within a program may fall within the editable date range.

  • If the shifts that require editing have been invoiced, locked or verified you will you need to conduct the following steps:

How to fix?

Editing Program: Future shifts only

To avoid this error prompt, please make sure to select future shifts only when making amendments to shifts in a program. If making changes to past shifts is required then follow the steps outlined above.

Entire Program: 

Selecting this option when making amendments to a program will update changes to all shifts within a program (including past shifts). However, if past shifts have been invoiced then the above Validation failed message will appear.

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