Hours management is the management of the client's assigned hours. This will help service providers to plan services for the clients and forecast availability of hours.

Adding Client's Hours in ShiftCare

In order to add hours, go to client Details page and click on Add Funds button.

Now add Name, Hours and expiry date. Then hit save. You can add multiple line items.

Assigning Hours to the Client in the shift

Now create a shift. Read Creating a Shift article to know more about this. On clicking "Select Client" below page will open. In the funds' section(see dropdown below), select the hours you want to apply to the client and then hit "Done".

View Client Hours breakdown

Go to licent's Billing page from left hand sidxe naviogation, in order to see view details of the hours. Total of the specific fund can be viewed by clicking Select funds and then from the drop down menu, select the type you want to view.

Balance hours of the client can be viewed from client details page.

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