Pay Items and Pay Groups within ShiftCare allow the flexibility to assign varying payroll categories to staff. Each Pay Item (weekday, weekend or public holiday) makes up a payroll category. In turn, each Pay Group can be assigned to staff members. For example, Casual staff can be assigned to a Casual  Pay Group, same goes for Part-Time etc).

Note: Naming conventions may vary from organisation to organisation.

Setting your accounting platform

The first time someone comes to the pay groups or allowances pages in ShiftCare, you'll be asked to select your payroll software.

Read more: Selecting or changing your payroll software

Creating Pay Items

In-order to create Pay Items and assign them payroll categories, first start with creating Pay Group based on category suitable to your staff and organisation requirements.

📝 Your account will be loaded with one named Default Casual, this will be assigned to all staff by default.

To create a Pay Group navigate to the main menu and select the Settings > Pay Items. Under Pay Items, select Pay Groups.

Selecting the Pay Groups will open the Pay Groups list page. Click Action > Add Pay Group to get started.

Give your Pay Group a name that relates to the role.

Once you've created your new pay group you can begin adding pay-items. Pay Items should cover each of the days of the weeks and times of day, for example, Weekday Daytime or Weekday Evening and what times those start and end.

  • Day of Week: This is will tell the system to apply this Pay Item based on shift's day of week.

  • Effective Date: The commencement date allocated for the pay item.

  • Code: Add the appropriate payroll code from your MYOB Payroll software (find out more here).

  • Xero Pay Item: If you are using choose Xero pay item here (find out more here).

The image above shows a combination of Xero and MYOB settings. The $ pay rate per hour is controlled in your accounting software.

Assign Pay Group to Staff

Once you have added all of your Pay Groups, you need to apply the appropriate Pay Group to each staff member.

From the staff member's details page, you'll see the Payroll Settings module.
Click Edit. In the first drop-down (Pay group), set their pay group.

For MYOB account holders please add the employee's Card ID from that system into the "External System Identifier" field.

Once changes are complete, click the Update button to save the changes.

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