⚠️ Available to Pro and Premium subscription plans only.

Bulk Invoicing is ideal for when you have a lot of clients to bill for a multiple shifts, such as at the end of a billing cycle. Use the Bulk Invoice wizard to quickly create and send invoices to all of your clients!

Step 1:

 Click on Generate button from left hand side navigation.

Step 2:

  This will take you to below page:-
             Select Area :  Select the Area from where you like to generate invoice.
             Cost             :  Select component of the shift to be invoiced. You can also leave
                                   all ticked.
             Shift Date   :  Select date range. Max 2 weeks can be selected.

Step 3: 

Before generating invoives you can change due date as well as issue date. By default issue date is set as today's date and date is set as 2 weeks after the issue date.
Now you can tick on the client(s), you would like to generate invoice or you can select all by clicking on the checkbox on top menu.

Step 4

Once all selections are done, now click on Generate button.

Step 5

Now invoice generation process starts. There are below 3 indicators that shows process is going on. Please do not click on any button while invoices are bring generated.

Once generated the invoices will be listed. There are four different statuses, these mean:
   - Open           = Uninvoiced shifts in the search criteria. Ready for invoicing.
  - Processing = Creating the invoice.
  - No shift to invoice = Shifts in the selected time frame are either invoiced already or are in pending/cancelled state.
  - Completed  = Invoice is generated.

🗨️ Note: how to check which shifts are being invoiced

Clicking on the View Report link will take you through to the client's billing report so you can view which shifts the invoices are being created for.

Viewing created invoices

You can view final invoices in Invoice List page.

Note: Invoices can be emailed automatically by following these steps.

To email the invoice, users should access the invoice by clicking on the green Completed button and then hit the Email button at the bottom of the invoice page.

Please note you can generate bulk invoices from the Invoice List page aswell. Click on Generate invoices button located at top right of the page and the follow the above explained process.

Things to note

• Invoices can be generated for two weeks (a fortnight) at one time.
• Invoices can be generated for 25 clients at once. To generate invoices for more clients go through this process again.

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