Invoices can be generated for client service billing. In order to generate an invoice, the following fields are required:

  • Shift: Service Information (assigned client, staff, time, location, date, etc).

  • Prices: Correct rates are entered into the database as these are used to determine the cost of each service. Read on how to add price books or import NDIS price guide.

  • Client contact (or billing contact): Correct client details as these will be used to send the invoice to the client being billed. Read on how to add Additional Contact - family member, plan manage, billing contact

  • Client's NDIS number: The correct client NDIS number is entered on the client's details page (for NDIS claims). Read NDIS Bulk Claim to find more information on NDIS claims.

Generating Invoices

Before generating an invoice for services provided to a client, please ensure that the information above has been applied where applicable.

Once all the information has been appropriately entered into the database, follow the below steps to generate an invoice.

  1. Go to the Client billing page. 

  2. Select service to be invoiced

  3. Select - Tax Exclusive vs Tax Inclusive

  4. Create invoice

  5. Clear invoice by making a payment

Client Billing Report

Firstly, select the client for whom the invoice will be generated from the client list. Once the client has been selected, navigate to the client's Billing Report.

From the client billing page, select the services (shifts) that are to be invoiced. If all services are being invoiced you can opt for the Select All option.

Select Services to be Invoiced

Selected services will be highlighted green whilst already-invoiced services will be highlighted blue.

Once services have been selected, the total amount to be invoiced will be displayed in a price box at the bottom right of the screen.

To generate multiple invoice, click on Select All at the bottom right of the page. Doing this will select all invoices that are still to be paid and have their correct rates inputted.

Note: Select All only selects invoices from the page currently being viewed. For multiple pages increase the number of records shown per page.

Tax Exclusive vs Tax Inclusive

Click on the green bar and a drop-down menu with the options Tax Inclusive and Tax Exclusive will appear. Select which option applies to you. Once this is done, you will be directed to the invoice.

Tax Exclusive: Exclude tax charge from the total price (this will be displayed as GST 10% in Xero). This means that a 10% Tax will be charged in addition to the invoiced amount. For more information on this read Display GST in Xero Invoice Export

Tax Inclusive: 10% Tax charge will be included in the total invoiced amount.

Select which is applicable to your organisation's work flow. After choosing tax inclusive/exclusive you will be directed to the invoice summary page where you can finalise the invoice details.

From here you can also choose to invoice Kilometres and Hours separately by selecting/deselecting the boxes next to them.

Create Invoice

After all the details have been applied as required, select the blue Create option at the bottom right of the page.

When the invoice has been created, there will be an "Unpaid" label at the top right of the invoice.

Clear Invoice

Once an invoice has been paid, you can clear it by entering the amount paid along with the payment reference number and the date the invoice was paid. Click Submit to finalise clearing the invoice.

Invoice List

All created invoices will be added to the Invoice List. This list includes all unpaid, paid, and overdue invoices.

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