This feature allows you to see the Total hours completed by staff on a daily basis. It's visible on the shift regardless of whether the shift is viewed from the staff member's calendar or client calendar.

This feature is introduced to make sure, the rostering team is not allocating shifts more than the staff's standard daily hours limit.

In order to activate this feature in your account, Go to Settings from the left-hand navigation.Tick "Display Total Hours" and "Highlight overtime shifts in calendar".

Display Total Hours

Total hours are also present in the shift program after generating a shift.

If a staff has allocated hours more that "standard daily hours" (added in staff detail page, refer to screenshot below) then shift border will change. Change shift border means staff has exceeded his limit of an allocated hour on that day.

Highlight overtime shifts in calendar

If you have clicked this option then the border of the shift where staff has done over hours will change to red. See the example below the changed border.

Note: This feature doesn't restrict rostering team to stop adding staff to shifts who have already reached their daily hour limit, instead it only educate the team about this by changing border color.

How Total Hours are Calculated

Total Hours are calculated based on the calendar day i.e. 12am-12am shift based on the time-zone set in your account settings. The gap between the start time of the previous days's shift and next day's shift must be more than 10 hours otherwise the total hours will be counted as part of one shift. Sleep-over shifts are the only exception to this rule.

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