Quickbooks and KeyPay use the same timesheet file format.

๐Ÿคš ShiftCare PayGroups setup is not required for QuickBooks Online (QBO) or KeyPay payroll integration.

Setting up to send timesheet information to KeyPay

KeyPay uses an external ID to identify the employees. In this case, it is looking for the staff ID from ShiftCare. To get this information, you can download your staff list. The column user_id is the external ID KeyPay would like you to set up to identify the employee.

Exporting the timesheet information

To export Timesheet to KeyPay for payroll purposes, you need to pull up the Timesheet Report first. Go to Reports, select Timesheet, and choose the Date Range you want to be covered in the report.


Once you have the report loaded, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the lower right 'download' icon. Choose the KeyPay option Verified or All Hours.

If KeyPay is not shown as an option please refer to the article:


For timesheet v2, the steps are exactly the same. Choose the Keypay / QuickBooks options All Hours or Approved timesheets only.

You will then receive a pop-up message in blue on top of the page.


Once the download is complete you will be notified via the notification tab to download the file, which can be saved to your computer for further action. You will also be notified via email.

Click on the notification.

The link in the email and this notification takes you through to your communications history page for you to download the file.

Shift Type ID

KeyPay will allow you to build rules regarding the Shift Type IDs sent from ShiftCare as part of the timesheet data file.

You will find the Shift Type ID in the Account Settings.

Under the Shift types module, click Edit.

The Shift type IDs included in the KeyPay timesheet export will be confirmed once you edit the shift types.

Importing timesheet information into KeyPay

In KeyPay, select Import Timesheet from the left-hand side navigation.


The below page will open. Click on "Select File" in order to upload the file downloaded from ShiftCare.


See below. This shows that the file is uploaded. Click on Confirm Upload.


Now match the fields on the Import Timesheet screen.


Once matching is one, click on Import.


The below screen shows that the timesheet export is successful.


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