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Billing report

Billing report gives you an overview of billable services over a given time period.

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This Report type gives us the overview on the different parts that make up the total cost. According to who is doing the work (Staff), the number of hours book/rendered by each. Pending, Absences, Cancelled hours breakdown are also shown in this report with a Line Graph to depict increase or decrease of costs straight away.

To Access the Report

On the Reports section of the Left-Hand side menu, select 'Cost Breakdown'. Once the page opens, you select which part you'd like to gather for costing: Hours, Mileage or Allowances. Choose the area you'd like covered by selecting from the 'Filter by' drop-down. Set the Date Range and hit Enter.

Note! If you choose not to select a particular Area/Program in the 'Filter by' drop-down, the Report will pull Activites/Services across your entire account.

About the Report

Line Graph

In the Area Graph, you'll see Y-axis as the total Costs or the Amount expended daily within the set Program period. X-axis showing the dates. It depicts the number of Booked, Pending, and Cancelled Hours per day.

Booked Hours showing as Green, Red for Pending and Yellow- Cancelled Hours.

Tabular Data

Below the Graph, you'll also see the tabular breakdown of costs (either Booked, Pending, or Cancelled) for each Staff in the selected program period. This can be useful if you want access to actual data instead of graphical representation.

Report Filters

You have various filter options you can use when pulling your Cost Breakdown Report:

(1) You can pull cost report either thru their number of Hours, Mileage, or Expenses. Select from the drop-down which one you'd prefer and click on it.

(2) You can filter down Report per Area. Choose the Area you'd like to focus on checking for the costs.

(3) Select the Date Range. Click on the Starting Date (left calendar) and the End date of the Period you'd like to check, and then hit Apply.

Note! You can only choose one filter at a time; One Area or Program at a time.

Download Report

You can choose to download a summary of the report or a raw file of the report. The raw file is a more detailed form of the summary report provided as an Excel spreadsheet. If you wish to download the raw report, just click on the download icon on the bottom left-hand of the page. This will brig up a drop-down menu with the options 'Summary' and 'Raw' . Select Raw.

At the top of the page you will receive a notification regarding your file export.

Once the file is ready to download you will receive a flag notification.

Clicking on the notification will direct you to the staff communications page. Here you'll see a blue 'download file' link. Click on this link to download the report.

After downloading the file you will receive a prompt notification to save or open the file.

Open the file. This will redirect you to an Excel spreadsheet where all the raw data is presented. You can save the spreadsheet if you wish to do so.

To download the Summary report follow the same procedure as outlined above for the Raw report download.

Print Report

To print the report, click on the other icon (right side), see above. You'll then get to the Print screen page where you can choose number of copies, pages, set up margins, etc. Click on the Print button then once ready.

Download as PDF

If you like to save report as PDF. Click on the print icon and in the print dialog box as seen below, Choose destination as 'Save as PDF'. If incase its not set as default, click on Change button and select Save as PDF. Once set, click on Save.

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