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Timesheet Reports
Timesheet Reports

How to access, download and print Timesheet Reports. Very useful for Payroll and determining total hours for staff rosters.

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To Access the Report

To access Timesheet Report, click Reports on the Left-Hand Menu, select Timesheet in the drop-down. On the Report page, select Start Date and End Date of the period you want to generate in the report and click Apply.

Note: If you don't select a Date Range, it will default to the date period from the last time you used the function.

The Report will look similar to this:

Timesheet ver. 1 view:

Timesheet ver. 2 view:

About the Report

Tabular Data

The table above shows the tabular breakdown of Hours for all days (Weekday, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday) and some other relevant information relating to it within the set Date Period. This presentation is significant especially that you can see actual data or quantitative information of the variables/factors. Below are the definitions of each as described in the graph.


  • Standard Hours - Number of hours after which overtime is calculated, this can be set per staff through staff detail view.

  • Verified Hours - Hours that have been approved/rejected by HR Manager after the shift has been completed.

  • Daily Overtime - Hours rendered after shift hours

  • Total - sum/overall hours Staff has covered for the set period.

  • Annual Leave - Number of annual leaves requested and confirmed by staff within the date period.

  • Personal Leave - Number of verified personal leaves requested within the date period.

Download Report

If you wish to download a report, click on the Download Icon.

Click on the format in which you want to download the Timesheet report. You may now forward this via email.

Note: Not every user will have an open shown option. It depends on which ShiftCareplan you are on.

Print Report or Download as PDF

To print the report, click on the Print icon.

You will see a Print screen page where you can choose number of copies, pages, set up margins, etc. Click on Print when ready. This is also where you can Save as PDF. Simply select 'Save as PDF' from the Destination drop down menu.

Want to Auto Approve Timesheets? Learn how:

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