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Performance Report
Performance Report
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The Performance report is designed to provide more insight into how much is earned, and what impacts those earnings. It includes graphs so you can view trends and compare important metrics more easily. It also offers lots of ways of segmenting statistics. It involves collecting and disseminating project information and forecasting the future.

To Access the Report

To access Performance Report, go to Reports on the Left-Hand Menu, and select Performance in the drop-down. Once the page loads, select the Date Period of performances you'd like to generate for in the report, and/or filter it by Area and/or Status.

About the Report

Area Graph

In the Area Graph, it tracks the number of Booked, Pending, Invoiced and Cancelled shifts, shown as amounts in ($) for the set duration of time.

Y-axis represents the amount in ($), the X-axis are dates that you have chosen in date period above. You can also view the exact amount for each data point on the graph. Hover your mouse over the dots you'll see the date and the specific amount of booked, cancelled, etc., for a particular date.

Tabular Data

Below the Graph, you'll also see the tabular breakdown of each shift that makes up data in graph above. This can be useful if you want access to actual data instead of graphical representation. You'll see more information too like the Staff assigned to the Shift, the Client, Area and Statuses.

Report Filters

You have various filter options you can use when pulling your Report:

(1) You can filter down Report per Area. Choose the Area you'd like to focus on checking for the performances.


(3) Select the Date Range. Click on the Starting Date (left calendar) and the End date of the Period you'd like to check, and then hit Apply.


Print Report

To print the report, click 'print' icon on the lower right side of the page. On the print screen page, this is where you can choose number of copies, pages, set up margins, etc. Click on the Print button then once ready.

Download as PDF

If you like to save report as PDF. Click on the print icon and in the print dialog box as seen below, Choose destination as 'Save as PDF'. If incase its not set as default, click on Change button and select Save as PDF. Once set, click on Save.


Download Report:

To read more on how to export this report read Download Reports

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