This report helps you to allocate staff and clients based on their address

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The Geolocation report provides information on staff and client's address. You can use geolocation to better allocate shifts by viewing staff locations in relation to their clients.

It allows you to view specific details in regards to street names and suburbs about each location. Google street view is also available for more concise information about specific locations.

Accessing Geolocation

The geolocation report allows users to plan and allocate staff efficiently by viewing their location in relation to the client. It enables them to determine staff nearest to the client's location.

To access the Geolocation report go to Reports on the Left-Hand Menu and select Geolocation

iIn the drop-down. Select either staff or clients depending on who's location you wish to view. You can also view all staff and clients at the same time if you wish.


Viewing Staff Locations

If you wish to view specific staff simply select the staff member's name from the "Staff" drop down menu.


If only one staff member is selected you will be automatically directed to that staff's location. You can select more than one staff member to view by simply selecting their names in the drop-down. The names will be added across the bar.


If you wish to view all staff locations, simply tick the "Staff" box under the "Show all" section at the top left of the page, and all staff will appear on the map. When viewing staff locations on you also click on their Geo-tag to view their name.


NOTE: Staff are shown with green Geo-tags.

Viewing Client Locations

When selecting a client choose the clients name from the "Client" drop down menu. The same sequence applies when viewing client locations as when viewing staff locations. You can also click on the client's Geo-tag to view their name, select multiple specific clients or select all clients to view their locations.

NOTE: Clients are shown with red Geo-tags.

Viewing All Staff and Client Locations

To view all client and staff locations, make sure that the "Staff" and "Client" boxes are ticked under the "Show All" section. This will show locations for all staff and clients.


As outlined previously clients are allocated red tags and staff are allocated green tags.


You can view a client's name by clicking on their tag, in the same way, you can view a staff member's name by clicking on their geolocation tag.

To view staff for a specific client, simply select your client from the client drop-down menu. Then select the staff you want to allocate from the staff drop-down menu. Doing this will show you the staff members' locations in relation to the client's location.


Geolocation contains the zoom in and out feature. The icons for this are located on the bottom right of the screen.


This allows you to change your perspective depending on how much information you require about your location.

Zooming out provides you with a broader and basic view of your location such as states, state borders, and cities.


Zooming in provides a clearer and more concise view such as suburbs, high ways and street names.


Google Street View

As the maps are provided by Google, they also come with the Google street view feature. This can be accessed by clicking and dragging the yellow figure located on the bottom right of the page above the zoom controls. Drag and drop this figure to your desired location on the map and you will be directed to a Google street view of that particular location.

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