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Compliance Report

The compliance report allows you to monitor when certificates and other worker related training documents will expire.

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The Compliance Report allows the user to keep track of all critical documentation required for staff employment within their organisation. It is an efficient and precise way of keeping track of when and which documents need updating and which staff to contact when these documents are required.

Accessing Compliance Reports

To access the compliance report, go to Reports on the Left-Hand Menu and select Compliance in the drop-down.

This will direct you to a page with all the staff names and the corresponding compliance categories.

Viewing Document Status

To check the status of all documents for all staff members, simply navigate to the compliance report page. There are three status levels for documents:

Blank: Documents that have not yet expired will show up with only the expiry date.

Orange: Documents close to their expiry date will be highlighted in orange and have the remaining term of validity displayed.

Red: Documents past their expiry date will be highlighted in red with the length of expiration displayed.

N/A: No document has been uploaded or document has no expiry

If you wish to view or check the document status of a particular staff member, you can simply search for their name in the top right search bar. This will show only that staff member's documents.

Updating Documents

To quickly update documents, click on the staff member's name on the report to open up the staff profile.

This open up their "Details" page. Select the 'Manage All' option next to the Compliance label.

This will direct you to the document upload page again. On the far right of the page under the Action heading are three icons:

Select the very first (Edit) icon.

This edit icon allows you to replace expired or existing documents with new ones without having to delete the old document and upload a new one. When you click on this icon, it will bring up the same dialogue box as when you're uploading a document.

When this comes up, simply select the new document you wish to upload. In this example, the existing document is PC_Sample, it is being replaced with SAMPLE 2.

To replace this document, select the Edit icon. Choose the new document you wish to upload.

When the new document is uploaded, the old document will no longer be available.

Select the category and expiry date for the new document as per normal. The same process is achievable for all other existing documents.

To print the report, click on the Print icon (located at the bottom right of the page). You'll then get to the Print screen page where you can choose a number of copies and pages, set up margins, etc.

To align all columns of the report to a given page, e.g., A4 or A3, you can choose between Landscape and Portrait layouts. Finally, use the scale option (as shown below) to fit all the columns on the page.

Download the Compliance Report as PDF

If you'd like to save the report as PDF, click on the print icon and in the print dialogue box as seen below, choose the destination as 'Save as PDF'. If it's not set as default, click on the Change button and select Save as PDF. Once set, click on Save.

Adding or removing category headings from the report

To create more categories for document uploading, navigate to the left main menu and select Account. When the drop-down menu is displayed, select Settings.

This will direct you to the account settings page where, under the Report headings section, you'll find the list of documents available in the compliance report.

Clicking on Edit will allow you to add and remove documents relevant to your organisation.

To delete a category, simply click the 'x' icon next to that category.

Make sure to click the green Save button at the bottom right to keep any changes that you've made.


If you wish to export the compliance report, you can do so by clicking the grey download icon at the bottom right of the report page. When you click on this, a drop-down menu will appear with the CSV option. Click on this to download the file.

A blue notification will appear across the top of the report page once the report is ready to download.

After this notification appears, you'll receive a message at the top right of the report page where all messages and notifications normally appear.

Click on this notification to bring up the notifications timeline. In this timeline, there will be a "Download File" link. Click on this link to export the report.

Clicking the link will bring up a prompt message where you can choose to open or save the report.

Select to open the file to view the report. The results will be downloaded and presented as an Excel spreadsheet.

Note: You may find that some values are replaced by a hashtag (#). This is a result of the cells being too small to allow all values to be viewed. To fix this, simply enlarge the cells until all values are clearly visible.

Note: The Excel export and ShiftCare view of the report will differ in that the red Expired status in ShiftCare (refer to below screenshot) will be replaced with an actual date of when the document expired after being exported into Excel (refer to above screenshot).

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