How can I export reports?
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The general process for exporting reports is the same for all reports except the Timesheet Report.

Simple Report: These reports can be downloaded instantly as they are CSV-only download options. These only require the general exporting process. Such reports are:

  • Exception Report

  • KPI

  • Competency

  • Compliance

  • Qualifications

Pay Roll Reports: These types of reports are used for any pay run cycles. The process required to export these is dependant upon the pay roll software being used. Such reports are:

  • Timesheet Report

Raw/Summary Data Reports: Whilst these reports use the general exporting process, they can be downloaded based on the level of data required. Raw data is more detailed and specific whereas Summary data provides a broad overview of the data collated in the report. Such reports are:

  • Aggregate Report

  • Activity Report

  • Cost Breakdown Report

  • Events Report

General Exporting

The general exporting process is the basis of all report exports. It applies to reports that can be instantly downloaded or report with CSV only download option. This process uses the following steps:

Pay Roll Report Exports:

These types of reports use the general export process. The only difference is that they require you to select the file format corresponding to your organisation's payroll software.

Once you have selected the format that corresponds to your payroll software, exporting follows the same procedure as general export.

Raw/Summary Data Report Export:

For raw/summary report exports, simply select whether you wish to download the raw format of the report or the summary format.

Once you have made this selection follow the same procedure for exporting as outlined in the general export process.

Print-Only Reports:

To download print-only reports, select the print option.

This will open the print preview page.

From the print preview, select the print option. This will prompt you to save the file by opening the following dialogue box:

From here input the file name and save the document at your chosen device destination.

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