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Update price books from client billing report
Update price books from client billing report

You can update support category or price book for a particular shift through client billing report.

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If you notice that shift/schedule has been generated but client name is highlighted in red despite other factors of the shift being correct. The reason for this is down to pricebook. 

When a client name is in red, it is a clear indicator that pricebook has not been attached to the shift. To amend this you can attach/update the pricebook within a shift via their client billing report as well. 

Client billing report

Through clients billing report, you can update price book or NDIS support category for a particular shift (if you are using NDIS price guide). In order to get started, first navigate yourself to a clients profile view and then use Manage button to choose Billing option. This will bring you to billing report as seen below.

Update price book in client billing report

On the billing report, click on Edit icon at the end of the row to update a particular shift. Price book can be updated within the dialog that pops up.

Once the price book has been applied, you will see updates within the table.

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