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Archive/unarchive Client
Archive/unarchive Client
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Archiving clients can be of assistance when clients leave an organisation.

When clients return to the organisation, they can also be unarchived and the organisation will pay for the active clients only (not archived). Unarchiving will re-enter the client into the user database with all their original information.

Archiving Clients

To archive a client, navigate to their profile where the Archive option will be located on the bottom left of their profile. Select the archive option and the client will be added to the archived list.

Unarchive Clients

To unarchive a client navigate to the clients tab and select Archived from the drop down menu.

This will display the list of all archived clients. Next to each archived name is listed as an Unarchive option. Select unarchive next to the client/s you wish to re-enter into the system.

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