If you are using Xero for your payroll, you can set up an API sync between ShiftCare and Xero so that timesheets can be transferred from ShiftCare to Xero on a weekly or fortnightly basis to process payroll. This is highly sought after because it will reduce manual entry of data into Xero.

The initial step is to create pay groups in ShiftCare that align with the Earnings Rates you have created in Xero.

Note: Before, you go any further, please ensure that you have access to your Xero Payroll module and have your credentials ready because they will be required in steps below. To get started, lets setup the following:

  1. Sync Xero Pay Items in Pay Groups

  2. Configure Pay Groups with Xero Pay Items

Sync Xero Pay Items in Pay Groups

To access Pay Groups click the Account drop-down menu and then Pay Items subheading. Finally, click the next level subheading Pay Groups. This will Display the pay groups configured within your account.

Note: If you are visiting this page for the first time, you will notice that we have already created a PayGroup within your account. Feel free to edit or delete it.

Now click on Actions button and Sync Xero Pay Items, which you can find in the top right corner of the current view of ShiftCare.

This will now redirect you to Xero's website, where it will prompt you to log in with your credentials. (Note: See help articles on Xero's website for assistance with Xero)

Xero will ask you to confirm which organisation you desire to allow ShiftCare access to, select the correct company and it will allow access for 30 mins. Now it will redirect you back to ShiftCare and you will again see the Pay Groups page.

Configure PayGroups with Xero pay items

Once sync with Xero pay item is complete, next step is to tell ShiftCare how to use these pay items for different day or time, for example, you might have pay item in Xero called Ordinary Week hours or Saturday hours etc. If you are unsure about Xero setup and pay items, please consult your finance department before proceeding. 

Finally, let's align Xero Pay Items to ShiftCare pay item within each Pay Group.

Click Edit next to the existing pay group you wish to set up.

Alternatively, add a New Pay Group by clicking the Actions drop-down menu, and click Add Pay Group

The tabular data of the Pay Group should now be able to be edited. Under the heading Xero Pay Items click the drop-down box for the entry you would like to edit and select the relevant Xero Pay Item. 

Note: Here you can edit all aspect of a Pay Group: Day of Week; Time; Effective Date; Xero Pay Item; Rate; and Code. But we are only focused on Xero Pay Item in this article.

When finished editing Pay Group, click Save.

During the sync with Xero a new pay group called Xero will be created. This can be archived.

(Optional) Configuring additional Pay Groups

Xero uses a flat structure when it comes to Pay Items and forces Payroll officer to set Pay Items directly to individual staff members. This can become complex when you have too many staff or various levels within your organisation. In such cases, ShiftCare can help by using Pay Groups and group related pay items to each Pay Group

For example, in our above example, we aligned all pay items within a single Pay Group. However, some organisations have staff with different pay levels or pay groups. Therefore, we can easily extend our Pay Groups by simply creating another Pay Group and aligning with Xero pay items within new Pay Groups.

Configuring Xero

For comprehensive instructions on the configuration in Xero to run payroll please see the details provided by Xero Support central.xero.com

As Xero controls the pay rules and therefore the $ amount paid this should be setup in Xero as what Xero calls Earnings Rates. The different Earnings Rates can then be assigned to different days of the week or times of the day in ShiftCare under ShiftCare's Pay Group system.

Screenshot of Earnings Rates in Xero.

Once you have created the different Earnings Rates in Xero, you should also setup a pay template for your employees under their profile in Xero. This should match up with the Earnings Rates you've created.

When the timesheets sync from ShiftCare to Xero a draft timesheet will be created in Xero based on the Pay template associated with the employee.

Adding allowances

For a details guide on setting up Allowances please see the article: Setup allowances

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