Sending timesheet to Xero has never been easier with ShiftCare. Before you get started, we assume that you have already completed Pay Group setup using Xero Pay Items

Access Timesheet Report

To access Timesheet Report, click Reports on the Left-Hand Menu, select Timesheet in the drop-down.
Note: Want to know how to access Timesheet Report? (Help Desk: Timesheet Report)

Pay Period

In the Report page, select Start Date and End Date of your pay period you want to generate in the report and click Apply. 

Note: This must align with Pay period within Xero otherwise Xero will reject the timesheet.

When you have selected the correct date range and can see the appropriate report on screen, click sync buttons at the end of each row.

Again, it will likely redirect you to the Xero website. Xero will ask you to confirm which organisation you desire to allow ShiftCare access, select the correct company and it will usually allow access for 30mins. Now you should be redirected back to ShiftCare and click sync again.

Are you getting an Error Message?

Pay period did not match Xero

 If you received the error:

  •  "A validation exception occurred. Provided period doesn't correspond with a pay period" 

Then you have to check the pay period dates exactly match in both systems. 

Check employee email

If you received the error: 

Make sure all employee emails match within ShiftCare and Xero. Xero will use the email address in ShiftCare to match with their records.

Pay Item not found

You can get this error for a number of reasons. We will go through some of the common ones here:

  1. If you have changed or updated pay items within Xero, then they should be updated within ShiftCare as well. If not, Xero will complain with Pay Item not found. You can follow steps here to re-sync Pay Items from Xero within ShiftCare.

  2. PayGroup has been incorrectly assigned to staff. If a given Pay Group does have Xero PayItems mapped then sync will throw this error too. In this case, review PayGroup setting to ensure that PayItems are correctly mapped.

  3. PayItems have an effective date in future. This means that system is unable to pickup any payItem for a given shift. Moving effective date well into past can fix this issue.

  4. PayGroup has missing time gaps. This is one of most common mistake. It is quite easy to overlook time for which there is no payItem set. For example, in the below image, there is no payItem mapped for 12 am to 6 am on weekdays. If any staff has a shift finishing before 6 am, it will lead to the above error during timesheet sync.

Using tracking ID within Xero timesheets

Using tracking ID within Xero timesheets is not currently supported with ShiftCare timesheet sync. If you have been using tracking Id, then you will have to disable using tracking ID with ShiftCare before setting up sync with ShiftCare timesheets.

What if you need to make changes to the draft timesheet in Xero

If you find that the information that has been sent from ShiftCare to Xero needs to be updated then please first delete the draft timesheet which has been created in Xero for your staff member during the sync.

Once you have deleted the draft timesheet in Xero you can make the adjustments to the timesheet in ShiftCare and re-sync the information with Xero.

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