It is possible to send the details of invoices created in ShiftCare to your accounting software to monitor and reconcile invoice payments. Xero and MYOB AccountRight have specific file formats, for all other accounting software the CSV (comma-separated value) file can be imported into most platforms.

At the bottom of the Invoice List page, you'll find a download button. Clicking this will provide the list of available file formats.

Clicking on CSV option will begin the process of compiling the list of invoices into a download. Once this process is complete, you'll get a notification at the top of page.

You will also receive an email notification with a link to the file to download the file. The link takes you to your Communications history page where all downloads can be found.

The CSV invoice file will provide the top level invoice details which your accounting software can use to keep track of payments.

The invoice number can then be used to locate the full details, line item descriptions of the date, duration and price of the services, of the invoices in ShiftCare.

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