Invoicing is available to Pro and Premium subscription customers, more details on the subscription plans available are on our website.

This video will provide an overview of all of the steps in creating invoices.

The steps to creating an invoice are as follows.

First, you'll need to add some prices to your account. From the prices page, you can load the NDIS price agreements or alternatively load custom prices.

If you have some prices already you can edit them. If they're NDIS prices that need updating this is also possible.

It's useful to attach a default price to a client so that when creating a shift this price is automatically selected saving you a step (you can change the price on the shift).

Once the shifts have prices assigned to them you can create invoices using the following two methods.

Troubleshooting invoice creation: Why is shift highlighted in red on client billing report?

Exporting invoices to your accounting software

It is common for ShiftCare customers to create invoices in ShiftCare and then export the invoice details to their accounting software which can manage the reconciliation of invoice payments.

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