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MYOB Job code mapping
MYOB Job code mapping

Select where the MYOB job code in the timesheet and invoice exports should be selected from

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You can customise the output of your MYOB invoice and timesheet exports to display either the Shift Type or Client/Contact External ID in the ShiftCare export file.

Customise mapping

To customise MYOB mapping, go to Account > Settings and scroll down to the 'Time & Attendance' section and press 'Edit'.

Customise the mapping for both Payroll software and Job Code mapping and press 'Save'.

πŸ’‘ Note: mapping is optional

Customising job codes

Shift Type

You can customise the Job code in your invoice and timesheet exports by changing the mapping to either Shift Type or Client/Contact External ID.

Changing this setting to ShiftType for example will export the Shift Type External IDs. You can edit these in your Shift Type settings (Account > Settings > Shift Types).

In the example below, you can see all the Shift Types have an External ID of 4-1000. When you generate your invoice and timesheet files, this number will be mapped to the 'Job' field...

Client/Contact External ID

Similarly, you can change the mapping selection to 'Client/Contact External ID' and this will be exported to the Job field in the export file. You can customise this Job code by editing the 'Custom Field' in the 'Settings' section on each client's profile page...

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