You can add a client expense in ShiftCare using the menu options button located on the client’s scheduler page:

Additionally, from the client's details page, you can create an expense from the blue Manage button.

This will open a side window to allow you to enter details of the expense item:

In the scheduler, on the client view, this will appear with the shift type Client Expense:

In the client billing report, the expenses are identified with a dollar sign icon:

Update invoice line item description

To display the expense description in the invoice line item description, please check your account setting to ensure {client_expense} is included.

Adding time to the expense

To add time to the expense, from the client's billing report click on the blue edit icon.

This will allow you to add time and any relevant other relevant costs.

The time will be charged using the price selected.

Invoicing expenses

Finally, raise invoices as you would generally do so.

On the invoice, the expense will be listed as an Activity type.

Staff calendar

Staff who are assigned the expense do not see this as a shift in their schedule.

ShiftCare Connect

If the client has access to their schedule via ShiftCare Connect then they will see the expense as a shift.

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