Disconnecting from Xero is the opposite process of syncing the earnings rates from Xero to match them up with the pay groups in ShiftCare which are covered in the article: Sync Xero Pay Items in Pay Groups

You would disconnect from Xero if you have any of the following situations:

  • A new Xero account

  • An existing employee in Xero changes their email in either system

Topics covered in this article include:

Individual staff disconnect from Xero

Connecting a staff member to Xero

This step can also be done when syncing the timesheet report. It will connect the staff member between ShiftCare and Xero. It is useful when troubleshooting an individual's connection between ShiftCare and Xero.

Once connected the staff member's payroll settings module will highlight they're connected.

If you connect and the staff member's email address doesn't match in both systems you will see the error: ⚠️ EmployeeID not found.

Account-wide disconnect from Xero

Use this if you have changed your Xero account altogether or you are in need of changing your pay group links.

Connecting your account with Xero

Initially, you can connect with Xero via the Connect Xero button found in the Time & Attendance module of your account settings page. This step can also be completed during the Sync Xero Pay Items step on the pay groups page.

Disconnect your account from Xero

Once successfully connected, you'll see the option to Disconnect Xero. Taking this step will remove the link between the pay groups in ShiftCare and the earnings rates in Xero.

Disconnecting from Xero will reset the account connections, unlink the pay items and end any live connection with Xero.

Once disconnected you'll see a confirmation message.

Account disconnected from Xero

Account disconnected from Xero successfully

You will then be able to reset the link between the pay groups in ShiftCare and the earnings rates in Xero.

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