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Introducing ShiftCare
Introducing ShiftCare

Get started with our onboarding introduction webinar

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New to ShiftCare?

In this webinar, we explore all you need to know to get you up and running with ShiftCare, including setting up your pay groups, importing NDIS pricing, setting up client and staff profiles & timesheet and invoice generation.

We'll also share tips on where to find ShiftCare online resources and how to get assistance during your initial setup.

Webinar Bookmarks

0:00 Introducing ShiftCare

0:32 Steps to success

1:50 Seven step guide

4:46 Online help resources

5:55 Importing NDIS pricing

12:03 Creating pay groups

16:00 Adding staff profiles

26:15 Adding client profiles

31:37 Scheduling a shift

38:52 Creating vacant shifts

40:17 Rostering sleepovers

42:00 Overriding shift hours in sleepover shifts

44:42 Mobile app for carers

46:16 Timesheet approval and export

52:28 Invoice generation and export

55:40 PRODA bulk invoice upload

57:07 Account settings

1:03:21 Compliance reports

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