The timesheet report has been super-powered with a number of new features!

If you are seeing a v1 blue bubble next to the timesheet report you can opt-in to version 2 (v2) by clicking here.

Amongst a number of upgrades allowances actively contribute to the total hours on the timesheet. This means if someone is marked as being on a sleepover shift with a Sleepover allowance, the hours on that shift won't contribute to their total hours, the shift will be flagged separately.

There are also major changes for Xero users who have timesheets integrated.

Opt into the new version of the timesheet report

Opting into the updates can be done by clicking here or toggling the "Show new view" option at the top of the report.

Switching back to the original view can be done by clicking on the menu/3 dots and toggling off the "Show new view" option.

The updates to the report and scheduler are as follows:

The sync with Xero's timesheet API has also been updated.

A more comprehensive interpretation of the errors coming from Xero has been provided.

The upgrades to the Xero timesheet sync include:

Changing over to timesheet v2?

If you're moving from timesheet v1, these are the things to look out for!

  • Change the Sleepover allowance from the Override Hours type to the Sleepover type

  • The weekday splits in the timesheet report can be based on one of the existing pay groups. To select the pay group, from within the dot menu, select Connect with pay group

Timesheet report changes

New Allowance type of Sleepover added

A new type of allowance has been added named Sleepover.

When syncing with your payroll system this new allowance type will override the hours and report the single Sleepover allowance is to be paid. This is the same as the existing Override hours setting, however, it goes further.

On the timesheet report, you will now see a column showing the number of sleepover shifts the staff member has done in the timeframe. The hours in those shifts do not count towards the total hours.

Additionally, on the staff member's individual timesheet you will see the number of shifts with the sleepover allowance attached. The number of hours in the shifts will not count in the total hours.

Existing allowances named sleepover should be edited to have the Type set to Sleepover rather than Override Hours for the new setting to take effect.

New changes in the timesheet calculation - override hours value used

Shifts attached with allowances that have the override hours setting will be calculated based on the value of the allowances in timesheet v2 as well as for individual staff timesheets when timesheet v2 is activated.

For example, consider an allowance OH 2 hours that has a value of 2. So any shift that has OH 2 hours the allowance will be considered as 2 hours even if it has a different time duration.

The shift with the new sleepover allowance will be considered as 1 sleepover unit. These shifts have 0 duration and will be calculated as sleepover units.

In the staff member's timesheet, the allowances column will display which allowances are impacting the totals in the Sleepover allowance and Total hours.

This calculation is also replicated in the overall timesheet report.

Weekday hours are broken down based on the default pay group selected

New columns in the timesheet report provide a breakdown of the different times of a weekday.

The pay group used for the timesheet will be identified with a blue padlock symbol next to the name.

New accounts will have the default pay group selected. Existing accounts will have the default applied.

Default Breakdown [12am 6am] [ 6 am - 8 pm ] [ 8 pm 10 pm ] [10 pm 12 am]

The default pay group will have strict rules while updating the pay group which are:

  • Needs to cover 24 hours without any overlapping times for weekdays pay items.

  • Should have 24 hours covered for the latest effective date pay items.

Scheduled hours total considers allowances

When on the Scheduler calendar view for staff (rather than clients), the totals of the time also reflect the override hours allowances.

The sleepover shift will not count towards the total hours and be identified separately.

Scheduled hours hover, totals use allowances

Depending on whether you're viewing a daily or fortnightly views, you will see the total number of hours shown as a breakdown for each day.

Any days where the number of hours exceeds 10 or the weeks that exceed 40 hours will have a red highlight.

Modify timesheet report columns shown

Additional timesheet columns can now be hidden if not used. This will allow you to remove allowances not necessary.

Knowing when there are outstanding shifts to approve

Xero: On the right-hand side of the report for each staff member you can click on the dots to show whether there are any shifts remaining to be approved. Clicking the button will take you through to the individual's timesheet.

Other accounting platforms

Under the Actions column on the right of the page you'll see "Approve timesheet" if there are outstanding shifts to approve.

If all of the shifts have been approved you will see "View timesheet".

Timesheet export options expanded

The timesheet will also have different exports based on new timesheet columns (i.e. the column not selected won't be shown).

  • CSV: this is the top-level summary information shown in the report.

  • Pay group based: in this export the

  • Raw timesheets: all shift details including the shift date and times will be included along with allowances attached to the shift.

  • CSV (legacy): this is the existing legacy CSV export will remain.

Xero timesheet API sync changes

Xero will have a significantly powerful and descriptive error message when switched to new timesheet v2.

Easily identify who in ShiftCare matches with an employee profile in Xero

From the timesheet report, once connected to Xero, clicking the "Show Xero synced" button will show a blue icon next to the staff profile's names.

Highlighting of who has failed during a sync and continuing with others

When individuals fail to sync they will be highlighted in red to show they have failed. The sync will stop at this point. Each staff member in ShiftCare should have an employee profile in Xero with a matching email address.

Timesheet exists for the staff member

If the staff member has an existing timesheet for the pay period then you'll see this in ShiftCare without having to go into Xero to check.

Bulk sync and individual sync

To sync everyone on the timesheet, at the end of the page, click on the sync icon and select either "All Hours" or "Approved timesheets only".

To sync individuals, click on the menu icon (stacked dots) under the Action column and select "Sync with Xero".

Comprehensive error messages during the sync

Switching to timesheet v2 will also provide more granular and complete error messages to help with troubleshooting.


Error shown


When ShiftCare staff email is not present in Xero

Failed to create Xero timesheet. Staff '{name}' with email '{email}' not found in Xero.

The email must match in both systems.

When ShiftCare staff is linked to Xero but is not present in Xero

Failed to create Xero timesheet. Staff '{name}' is no longer found in Xero. Please unlink from ShiftCare via staff's details page.

From the staff member's details remove the connection with Xero and reconnect - see: Disconnect from Xero will reset the staff connections

If a timesheet already exists

Failed to create Xero timesheet. An existing timesheet was found in Xero.

Delete the draft timesheet for the staff member - learn more

If the timesheet dates do not correspond with the pay period in Xero

Selected dates do not correspond with the pay period in Xero.

The dates in the timesheet report should match the pay calendar in Xero - learn more

Pay group not set for the timeframe or no longer exists in Xero

Earnings Rate '{pay group name}' does not exist or is not valid for timesheets.

There are gaps in your pay group set-up - check your pay groups are complete

Pay Item not found

The gap in the pay group or pay group effective date is in the future or pay item not found for the shift starting on {shift date} {shift start time} to {shift end time}.

This error shows the shift details which have the missing pay group line item - check your pay groups are complete

Doesn't have a pay-run calendar

Staff '{name}' {email} does not have a pay calendar set in Xero.

In Xero you should have a pay calendar set in the payroll settings and each employee has a Payroll calendar - learn more

Employee doesn't have an ordinary earnings rate

Staff '{name}' {email} does not have an ordinary earnings rate set in Xero

In Xero each employee should have an ordinary earnings rate set - learn more

Using tracking ID within Xero timesheets

{Account name} has set up Tracking ID in Xero which is unsupported in ShiftCare. Please turn off Tracking ID in Xero.

Refer to Xero's help articles to turn off Tracking ID

Failed to create Xero timesheet. No implicit conversion of String into Integer

Failed to create Xero timesheet. There are multiple employees using the same email address '{email}' in Xero.

Check the employee list in Xero for duplicates

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