To connect the Allowances from ShiftCare to Xero, there is a step on the Allowance page in ShiftCare to match the earnings rate from Xero with the allowances in ShiftCare.

Clicking the edit link will allow you to select the earnings rate from Xero in the "Xero Pay Item" drop-down.

If you don't see the earnings rate in the list then the cause will be the settings for the earnings rate in Xero.

After syncing, there are missing earnings rates that have been created in Xero but not listed in ShiftCare

If you have created earnings rates in Xero which are not being listed in ShiftCare after you have completed a sync, this will be because the Type of Units is not set to Hours in the earnings rate. Learn more.

Once you have changed the settings please re-do the sync between ShiftCare and Xero to load the most recent information. You'll find the step here to Sync Xero Pay Items in Pay Groups.

Now you can return to the Allowance page in ShiftCare to

Once connected check the allowances are attached to the shift

Allowances need to be attached to the shift for them to be reported to the payroll system.

Clients will be charged for expenses or milage added to the shift by the staff via the app. However, for payroll purposes, for mileage as an example, there is a safeguard system that only allows admins to assign the mileage, this stops staff from claiming additional services or where company cars are used, allowing you to control whether these are paid.

The staff timesheet will provide a warning if there are KMs added to the shift but no allowance is attached.

Allowances on the timesheet report

The timesheet report has two versions available, learn how to enable version 2 of the timesheet report here.

Version 1

The allowances will be displayed after the pay group splits.

Version 2

The allowances will be displayed after the pay group splits.

Once you have these steps set up you will be able to sync the timesheet information to Xero where a draft timesheet will be created.

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