Staff Setup

QuickBooks needs to know the Staff ID of your staff in ShiftCare - to do this, the easiest way is to export your staff from ShiftCare into a list and enter that ID into the staff's External ID in QuickBooks.

  1. Navigate to Staff > List >

  2. Click the Export icon at the bottom right-hand corner.

  3. Open the file, the first column is the user_id, this is the number you will put into the External ID of each staff member in QuickBooks.

Shift Type Setup

When exporting your payroll to QuickBooks, the system will use the Shift Type's Type ID to match up to QuickBooks's Pay Category External ID

Setting up Shift Types in ShiftCare

  1. Navigate to Account > Settings > Shift Types > Click on Edit

  2. Edit or create Shift Types that correspond with your Pay Categories in QuickBooks

Setting up the QuickBooks Pay Categories

In order to navigate to the QuickBooks Pay Categories, please go through Employees Payroll Settings Pay Categories (please see video below).

Enter the Type ID from ShiftCare into the External ID of each pay category in QuickBooks.

Once the setup steps above have been completed, you can go ahead and start your payroll by following the below steps:

  1. Please go ahead and navigate to the "Reports" sidebar menu Timesheet.

  2. Please go ahead and approve individual staff members' timesheets by clicking on Approve timesheet for every single of them.

    1. If you wish to approve your timesheets based on the clock-in/clock-out times, please action “Verify All Approve all”, this is located below the timesheets list.

    2. If you wish to approve your staff's timesheets based on the scheduled times, please go with the “Reject all” option (which will reject the clock-in/clock-out times and approve your staff's timesheet based on the scheduled shift times).

  3. Once all of your staff's timesheets have been approved, please go ahead and export the timesheet using the "Export" button KeyPay/QuickBooks Approved timesheets only.

  4. Please follow the steps above in order to download the timesheets file.

  5. In order to import your timesheets into your QuickBooks, please navigate to the Employees tab and click on Manage Employees Import Timesheets (as per the image below).

    Please select the "Custom file upload" option from the drop-down menu and upload your ShiftCare timesheet export (as per the image below).

During the upload, match the information on the left (coming from ShiftCare) with the fields that KeyPay/Quickbooks knows of.

Many of the columns will automatically match. If you are using the Shift Type IDs from ShiftCare to control pay rates as described above then please ensure you have matched the Shift Type ID with the Pay Category External ID. Alternatively if you have used Work Type External ID please match this here.

Once you have matched the appropriate fields, you'll find the Import button at the end of the page.

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