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Leveraging ShiftCare’s Teams feature
Leveraging ShiftCare’s Teams feature

Group your staff into various teams. Teams can be based on skill, client experience, location and so on.

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In ShiftCare, Teams pertain to identifying specific groups of staff based on their distinct backgrounds and characteristics.

📝Note Team is a feature available only to Pro and Premium plan subscribers. For more details on subscription plans, please see our website.

You can leverage this feature to ultimately increase your quality of care, fill shifts quickly and create an overall better experience for your care workers and clients.

Depending on your business and human resource strategies, teams can be formed in many ways. Here are some best strategies for forming teams:

  1. Specialized client needs - Some clients have special needs. For example, clients on the heavier side will need stronger carers.

  2. Shift time and day - You can also group staff based on the days they can work. Some organizations in ShiftCare create teams like “weekend warrior” which is like a pool of carers that you can reach out to for weekend shifts.

  3. Geographical Location - they can also be grouped based on geographical location. The team can be named “North side” if they’re from the North, and can be the carers to first contact for clients in the area.

  4. Language - If clients speak a different language, such as Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and the like, it will be great to have a team categorized based on the language they speak.

  5. Performance rating - You can also group the best performing carers together and create a team called “The A team”. Some clients will need the best of the best services, and with this, you’ll easily know where to pull just the right carer.

Teams can be used for the following purposes:

  1. Filtering staff based on a team

  2. Attaching a team to a client

  3. Bulk messaging a team via Email or SMS

  4. SMS a new job to a team using the Advertise feature

Let’s start! Here’s how you can create a team:

Create a Team

  1. Go to the Staff section from the left-hand side navigation.

  2. Then, in the drop-down section, select Team.

  3. Click New.

  4. In the first box, give your team a name so you can easily identify it later

  5. Add staff by clicking the plus button on the right side of the staff name from the list on the right-hand side (Available Staffs) to the gray left-hand section (Selected Staffs).

  6. When complete, click Save located at the bottom right of the page.

  7. On saving, a confirmation dialogue will open. Click Ok to confirm.

View Teams

To view all teams, head to the left navigation menu. Click Staff > Teams > List.

These teams can be deleted or edited by clicking the Edit or Delete buttons on the right side of the list.

Attach Teams to Clients

You can also attach a team to a client's profile. When you attach a team to a client, members of this team will appear at the top of the selection of carers when scheduling. Thus making decision making easier.

To attach a team:

  1. Go to Clients on the left-hand menu.

  2. Go to List. A list of clients will be displayed on your main screen.

  3. Select the Client Name that you want to attach a team to.

  4. Once you select a name, the client's details page will load. Navigate to the Settings section on the right side of the page. Click Edit.

  5. Click on the Team. This will show a drop-down menu of all available teams to attach.

  6. Select a Team and then click Update.

  7. Once saved, the team will appear on the client's profile page.

You've successfully attached a team to a client. The next time you need to schedule, you can easily choose from a particular team of staff with ease.

If you need more help setting up your own teams, feel free to reach out to our Support Team through chat or email us at We're always just a message away.

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