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Split mileage for group shifts
Split mileage for group shifts

It is possible to split your mileage over multiple participants on group shifts. This will allow you to invoice each participant separately

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Note - This feature is currently under beta testing. Please reach out to our support team if you would like information on joining the beta test group.

Currently staff can enter a total KM into mileage on a shift to enable invoicing and reimbursement to staff. (See Add Mileage/expense)

This feature allows you to split the mileage over 2 or more participants to only invoice them for their portion of the mileage.

How to split mileage

  1. Open up the shift that has mileage on it you wish to split

  2. Click on Edit > Advanced Edit

  3. Navigate to Invoice Settings

  4. For each participant, click on Expand

  5. You can either toggle off Invoice Mileage or enter the number of KM you wish them to be invoiced for. (Blank = use shift mileage)

  6. Repeat for each participant

The staff will still be paid for the full KMs entered into - this assumes the relevant travel allowance has been attached to the shift.

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