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Generating Exception Reports
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The Exception report is a useful tool to stay on top of invoicing. It provides a comprehensive overview of all service finances for clients. It compares the hours, mileage, and expenses to the planned values in each category, all laid out for easy reference.

This report helps you figure out which clients have received invoices by the end of the invoicing period with ease. You can do this by filtering based on dates or categories.

Filtering Exception Reports

When viewing the exception report, you have the option to filter by selecting from the provided categories: Hours, Mileage, and Expenses.

You can also filter by dates, through the date picker.

Exporting Exception Reports

You can either download the report as a CSV file, save it as a PDF file, or print it.

To export:

  1. Select the download file icon.

  2. Then click CSV on the dropdown.

  3. This will send a notification to your ShiftCare account once completed (which will appear as a blue bar across the top of the page).


  4. You'll also receive a notification on the top right side of the page. This is under the flag icon, as highlighted below:

    πŸ“ Note: You may need to refresh your page to receive the flag notification.

  5. Click on the notification to be taken to the communications page, where you'll find a link to download the file.

  6. Click the Download File link, and the CSV report will be downloaded to your computer.

The report will look like this:


This will show details exclusively for your chosen category (Hours, Mileage, or Expenses). To download all data, select each category and download them individually.

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