You can load ShiftCare time sheets into MYOB AccountRight and Exo, ShiftCare provides a dedicated MYOB export file that is ready to load directly into MYOB.

To create the export in ShiftCare navigate via the left-hand menu to Reports > Timesheet Reports. Once on the page, in the lower right-hand corner there are three icons in boxes, click on the cloud with the downward arrow - this shows a drop-down, choose the MYOB option.

Once the export is ready, go to MYOB and complete the following steps. Open the Payroll Import Assistant by navigating through the menu: File > Import / Export Assistant.

Next, choose the Import data option before clicking on the Next button.

Tell MYOB which File Type you intend to import - in this case, Timesheets.

Choose the file to import from your computer.

The next stage is to match columns from the file to fields in your MYOB software.

The final stage is to confirm the import by clicking on the Import button (you might want to run a backup first).

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