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Getting Started

Helpful articles for account owners/administrators to get basic knowledge of ShiftCare

Getting Started Videos

View our collection of self-paced onboarding videos to help get you started with ShiftCare.


Manage client plans, goals, progress notes and NDIS claims - all in one place.

Manage carers & office users

The complete Admin's guide for managing all carer and office user information and credentials.


Cover all shift knowledge from the basics in generating shifts to the advanced in managing attendance and shift costs.


All you need to know about ShiftCare invoicing from generating bulk invoices to exporting to your accounting software.


Make payroll more flexible with staff pay-group allocation

iOS/Android App

The Carer's guide to all things ShiftCare App and Web, from viewing rosters to managing notes and tasks during services.


Review your organisation's overall work flow with the assistance of a selection of tailor-made reports.


Edit & update account settings. Review and maintain account logistics.


Frequently Asked Questions

North America Learning Center

Specially crafted for the unique needs of our users in North America