Getting Started

Helpful articles for account owners/administrators to get basic knowledge of ShiftCare

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Getting Started Videos

View our collection of self-paced onboarding videos to help get you started with ShiftCare.

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Manage client plans, goals, progress notes and NDIS claims - all in one place.

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Manage carers & office users

The complete Admin's guide for managing all carer and office user information and credentials.

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Cover all shift knowledge from the basics in generating shifts to the advanced in managing attendance and shift costs.

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All you need to know about ShiftCare invoicing from generating bulk invoices to exporting to your accounting software.

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Make payroll more flexible with staff pay-group allocation

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iOS/Android App

The Carer's guide to all things ShiftCare App and Web, from viewing rosters to managing notes and tasks during services.

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Review your organisation's overall work flow with the assistance of a selection of tailor-made reports.

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Edit & update account settings. Review and maintain account logistics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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North America Learning Center

Specially crafted for the unique needs of our users in North America

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