The KPI (Key Performance Indicator) report provides an overview of the status of all staff documents based on expiration dates. Staff documents that contribute to the KPI report are:

- Driver's Licence (C, LR and International)

- Car Registration

- Comprehensive Car Insurance

Viewing Document Status

To view the status of a document ensure that the document in question has been uploaded and expiration date allocated accordingly. To learn more on how to upload documents read Uploading Staff Documents in the ShiftCare Knowledgebase.

Once documents have been uploaded and allocated their corresponding expiry dates (if applicable), navigate to the main menu and select the reports tab. In the drop-down that appears select KPI.

Once you have selected KPI, the report page will open displaying all staff documents that have been documented with their corresponding expiration dates and document status.

Document Status

There are 4 document statuses displayed on the KPI report:

1. N/A only appears if no expiry date has been set for the document. Documents like Date of birth, resume etc falls in this category as these documents are without expiry date.

2. Clear with document expiry date appears when documentation has not expired.

3. Soon to be expired (Orange colour) appears when a document is nearing it's expiration date. In this instance the period of time remaining before expiration will also be displayed.

4. Expired (Red colour) appears when a document has passed its expiry date. The period of time which the document has expired will also be displayed.

Printing KPI Report

To print the report, you will need to save it in a PDF format. Save the file on your desktop or any file location of your choice. Once saved, simply open the file from your desktop or saved location and print the document the same way you would any other file.

Exporting KPI Report


If you wish to export the report, you can do so by clicking the grey download icon at the bottom right of the report page. When you click on this a drop-down menu will appear with CSV option. Click on this to download the file.


Once you have selected the export icon, you page will refresh and you will receive a flag notification in ShiftCare located at the top right of the page.

Click on the notification flag and select the KPI export complete notification.

Clicking on this notification will bring up the notifications timeline. In this timeline will be a Download File link. Click on this link to export the report.

When you select the link, a small file tab will appear at the bottom of your screen. The file will have the name of the report labelled on it (KPI). To open the file simply click on it or select the small arrow located next to the file name. This will open a menu with the option Open, click on this to open the file.

Opening the file will redirect you to an Excel Spreadsheet format of the report. You may find that some values are replaced by a hashtag (#). This is a result of the cells being too small to allow all values to be viewed. To fix this simply enlarge the cells until all values are clearly visible.

The Excel export and ShiftCare view of the report will differ in that the red Expired status in ShiftCare (refer to below screenshot) will be replaced with an actual date of when the document expired after being exported into Excel (refer to above screenshot).

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