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Download progress notes (Events Report)
Download progress notes (Events Report)

Download progress notes or case notes or view progress notes or case notes

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The events report provides an overview of client and staff activity. All activity is sectioned into different categories, some of which are only applicable to staff or clients.

There are two elements to the events report; Summary and Details. The summary section provides a general overview of all staff and client activity. The details section provides more specific and concise information on recorded events.

Accessing Events Report

To access the report, navigate to the main menu and scroll down to the Reports tab. A drop-down menu will appear with all reports listed. Scroll to the very bottom of the list until you see the Events tab. Select this tab to open up another drop-down menu with the labels Summary and Details.


Summary Events Report

The summary events report provides a general overview of activities relating to clients or staff. It is organised into 5 categories (refer to screenshot).



You can view recorded events with the aid of filters.

Client/Staff Filtering enables you to view a summary of all events (any progress notes, incidences, inquiries, feedback and injuries) reported by staff for clients or reported against staff (such as warnings).


Date Filtering allows you to search for all events recorded within the allotted time frame.


Pie Chart summarizes all events recorded and provides a clear breakdown of how many (by number and percentage) of each event type were recorded.


Search allows only searching by name based on whether you've set to have the data filtered by staff or client.


Client search


Staff search

Note: Pie chart data will change based on how many staff/clients you are viewing.

Details Events Report

If you wish to view more detailed information about all the events recorded, you can do so by navigating to the Details tab under the Events Report.

In the report is the summary column, which outlines who recorded the event, what the event category is, the time the event was recorded, and the date on which the event was recorded.


You can also click on the recorded event to be navigated to the staff or client's communication page where the event was originally recorded. Doing this will provide more information on what was actually stated in each reporting.


Much like the summary events section you can filter all information by date, client/staff filter and by searching client or staff names.

However, in this section you can also filter all events based on their category.


Any category you wish to view should have the blue tick next to it, then click apply to activate the filter.


Note: Filters may vary between staff and clients. For example staff have a Warnings and Reminder filter while clients do not (refer to below screenshot)



Like all other reports, each section under the Events report can be exported. To export the reports, navigate to the bottom right of each page. There will be two icons; a download (export) and a print icon.


To export the report, select the first icon.

Note: All reports are exported as Excel files.

Print or Save as PDF

To print the report, simply select the print icon.

You will see a print screen page where you can choose the number of copies, pages, set up margins, etc. Click on Print when ready.

This is also where you can Save as PDF. Simply select 'Save as PDF' from the Destination drop-down menu.

๐Ÿ’ก The exported/downloaded file will include all names, even if you search for the staff/client's names. To download only a specific (one) client's notes, see this article: Printing the client notes and communications history.

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